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The gutter installation can include some specific items that help prevent damage and prevent debris from building up. However, these won’t save you from the need for yearly maintenance. If you notice a leak or drip you will want to call Cannon Gutters, Inc. immediately. Sometimes leaks are not visible at first, so when you do notice them it’s important to get help right away to avoid some costly repairs.

It is a good idea to have Cannon Gutters, Inc. install gutter screens if your home is in high wind area or located near trees. Gutter screens are simply a mesh type material placed over the open top of the gutter. Leaves and debris can not get into the gutter due to gutter screen but rain water is allowed to flow freely. If you are in an area where birds like to gather, gutter screens will prevent birds from building nests. When birds nest in the gutters they can cause considerable damage to your gutters, the siding and fascia on your home. Cannon Gutters, Inc. will cover the full length of the gutter with screens. They will also cover the top of the drain spout to prevent debris from clogging the down spout. There are different methods for fitting the screen to the gutter depending on the type and brand of gutter you have. It may just sit inside the edge of the gutter or over the top of the gutter.

You will still need some maintenance even with screens installed. You will want to have an experienced gutter company like Cannon Gutters, Inc. check your gutters to make sure that there are no weak spots, leaks or clogs in your gutter or drain spout. In addition to causing damage to your gutter and home, water accumulation in the gutter provides the perfect environment for mosquitoes to breed.

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